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"Far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife", away from the din and tumult of noisy streets, in the quiet retirement of a sacred environment, on the top of a hill which commands beautiful landscapes, and which seem to be peculiarly adapted to be centre of intellectual and moral enlightenment, this school was started in the year 1885. Fr. Gerard T.O.C.D started the school with one teacher and one pupil, in the porch of a farm house in the St. Joseph's Monastery precincts. In 1888 May, Bishop C. Levigne, S. J. the newly appointed Vicar Apostolic of Kottayam, came to his Vicariate and took up his residence in the Monastery at Mannanam. The Bishop's secretary was Rev. Fr. Ricard S. J. and he gladly took up the management of the school. On the 13th of September, 1890, the School was recognized by the Madras Government as the Mannanam Convent Middle School.

In 1891 Mr. Duthie, M.A., the Inspector of Schools visited this school and sanctioned a monthly grant of Rs. 12 –Chs. 14 with effect from Audy, 1066. The school, which was placed under the patronage of St. Ephrem, the Doctor of the Church, came to be known as the St. Ephrem's English School, from the year 1892.

The Government of His Highness the Maharaja was pleased to raise the grant-in-aid to Rs. 23-18-10, in Chingam 1075. In 1901 Form IV was added to the school. In January 1903, Forms V & VI were opened. Thus in the eighteenth year of its existence, after many vicissitudes, St. Ephrem's' developed into a complete High School. In 1910 August, the School celebrated the Silver Jubilee on a very grand scale.

In 1936 the school celebrated its Golden Jubilee. St. Ephrem's' school was made a Malayalam medium school in the year 1947. The year 1962 was the Platinum Jubilee year of the school.

In 1977 a new two storey building on the south side was added to the school campus and the school had sufficient class rooms. The year 1986 is written in golden letters in the history of St. Ephrem's school. The school completed 100 years of service to the nation and its people. A centenary memorial block was built for the office and administrative purposes. Mr. George Kareethara was honoured with the National Teacher's Award in this year. In 1987 St. Aloysius Boarding House celebrated the centenary and an auditorium was built on top of the administrative block of the school. In 1988 a stadium was built on the southern side of the school and in 1998 an arch was built in front of the school. The school was upgraded to a Higher Secondary School and the Primary classes were shifted to the adjacent building. In 2000 the school began co-education, completed the construction of the Plus Two building and Boarders' Mess Hall. In 2003, the Kerala Sports Council sanctioned a Basketball Sports Hostel to the school and it functions along with the Boarding House. English Medium divisions were started in Std. VIII. In 2009, a week long celebration marked the 125th Jubilee of the school.