St. Ephrem's HSS Mannanam

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Principal's Message

I’m so delighted to welcome you all to St. Ephrem’s Higher Secondary School, Situated on the hillocks at Mannanam overviewing the panoramic expanse of the paddy fields and backwaters of Vembanadu Lake, the school has more than a century’s history to tell. ...

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We, the school family of St. Ephrem School, strive to be a welcoming and responsive Roman Catholic community by passing on our faith and traditions as we teach by word and example to the children in our care.


Faith, Academics, Service


Charity, Purity, Duty

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    SSLC Result 2021

    Pass: 100%

    Full A+: 43

    9 A+: 25

    PLUS TWO Result 2021

    Pass: 95%

    Full A+: 58

    5 A+: 20

Education Background

Welcome to St. Ephrem's Higher Secondary School

We are eager to give you best Education and style.

"Far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife", away from the din and tumult of noisy streets, in the quiet retirement of a sacred environment, on the top of a hill which commands beautiful landscapes, and which seem to be peculiarly adapted to be centre of intellectual and moral enlightenment, this school was started in the year 1885. Fr. Gerard T.O.C.D started the school with one teacher and one pupil, in the porch of a farm house in the St. Joseph's Monastery precincts.
In 1888 May, Bishop C. Levigne, S. J. the newly appointed Vicar Apostolic of Kottayam, came to his Vicariate and took up his residence in the Monastery at Mannanam. The Bishop's secretary was Rev. Fr. Ricard S. J. and he gladly took up the management of the school. On the 13th of September, 1890, the School was recognized by the Madras Government as the Mannanam Convent Middle School.




Former Students and Teachers of Ephrem's (FOSTER) formally started in the year 2005, offer the alumni of the school a platform to come together and reminisce about the precious moments of their yesteryears at the alma mat

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Computer Lab

The computer labs we have in St. Ephrem's may be the best in State aided Schools in Kerala. It provides ample space and machines to students and staff to work independently.

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Botany Lab

the Botany lab is a well-equipped and spacious room which can accommodate up to fifty students. It offers sufficient microscopes, charts, permanent slides and preserved specimens.

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Zoology lab

The Zoology lab has a seating capacity and dissection equipments for fifty students. The lab has all modern facilities,

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Physics lab

Our Physics lab is a spacious one with a capacity to seat sixty students at a time with darkroom facility.

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The school library which is more than a century old can boast of a wealthy collection of books belonging to all the disciplines apart from art and literature.

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St. Aloysius Boarding House started in the year 1887, to accommodate the students of Ephrem's and St. Joseph's U. P. School.

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Village Museum

India's first village museum, the first of its kind in India, was established here, under the aegis of National Museum Institute,

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Laboratory equipment refers to the various tools and equipment used by scientists working in a laboratory: The classical equipment includes tools such as Bunsen burners and microscopes as well as specialty equipment such as o

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St. Ephrem's Sports Academy functions under the guidance and aegis of the Government of Kerala, Department of Sports and Youth Affairs and the Kerala Cricket Association (KCA). Students are given training in Basketball an

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Upcoming Events

Our Upcoming Seminars/Events Dont Miss Out!

Business Women

st ephrem

Ephrem the Syrian (Syriac: ܡܪܝ ܐܦܪܝܡ ܣܘܪܝܝܐ‎ Mār Aprêm Sûryāyâ;[1] Greek: Ἐφραίμ ὁ Σῦρος; Latin: Ephraem Syrus, also known as St. Ephraem (Ephrem, Ephraim); ca. 306 – 373) was a Syriac Christian deacon and a prolific Syriac-language hymnographer and theologian of the 4th century. He is especially beloved in the Syriac Orthodox Church, and counted as a Venerable Father (i.e., a sainted Monk) in Eastern Orthodoxy. His feast day is celebrated on 28 January and on the Saturday of the Venerable Fathers. He was declared a Doctor of the Church in the Catholic Church in 1920.

Ephrem wrote a wide variety of hymns, poems, and sermons in verse, as well as prose biblical exegesis. These were works of practical theology for the edification of the church in troubled times. So popular were his works, that, for centuries after his death, Christian authors wrote hundreds of pseudepigraphal works in his name. He has been called the most significant of all of the fathers of the Syriac-speaking church tradition.[2]


My Blog post

St. Ephrem's Sports Academy

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My Blog post

St. Ephrem's Sports Academy

Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text ... Read More »

My Blog post

St. Ephrem's Sports Academy

Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text ... Read More »